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Friday, February 8, 2013

We are officially "PREGNANT"!!!

Well, it's official!! We are on the waiting list!! We could be "pregnant" for 3 months, 9 months, 1 year or just weeks!! God is the only one who knows and we couldn't be more thrilled!! The letter came at the perfect time, when we needed some good news, and both of us had a sigh of relief that all our hard work to get things ready was accomplished. 

We are thankful that Vanderbilt gave the adoption agency confidence that we were capable of caring for a child even through our circumstances.  We are excited to see what's to come and it's unreal to think that we could be parents THIS YEAR!!

Needless to say, we got to get going on our fundraising and I will be a grant applying fool in the next few weeks.  There are different deadlines for different organizations and I want to meet all their criteria.  Keep your eyes open for a fundraising event coming up and any handy work you may need done Daniel is up for hire!!  We got a baby to bring home!!

Please pray for us as we prepare for this life changing time:

--Pray that our baby is perfectly matched with us and that we have time to process the arrival.

--Pray that we can raise the funds necessary to complete the adoption and that we are not offered a child and not have the funds ready to go. (No money, No baby)

--Pray as we get the nursery ready that is doesn't sit too long unoccupied.

--Pray that we get some more home renovations done and last minute projects done so that when the baby comes we aren't scrambling to finish, but enjoy the first moments with baby.

--Continue to pray for my health and that I continue to feel good and am able to celebrate and be JOYFUL through all of this, instead of feeling a dark cloud of fear of when the transplant may take place. 


  1. This is SO exciting! Congratulations!!

  2. So very, very, very happy for you!