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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Anticipation of Waiting

Well, we finished our PATH class on March 1st.  We still need to finish the homework for each session and get all the certificates together and send it in for our file, but for the most part our obligation for Agape's requirement is done!  I have to thank Erica Thomas, our teacher, for being willing to give up her nights with her family to teach us for a pratically one on one basis.  Not only did we feel catered to, but she single handedly saved us $500 and that my friends warrants a free steak dinner! Hope you enjoy Erica! Your passion for children and their safety and care is definitely a great influence!  So glad to have you close as a valuable resource.
I spoke with Agape last week and I was assured that they are working hard to get our home study started.  There are a few other couples ahead of us, but we are ahead of them with PATH classes finished, so I'm not sure how they are going to treat that situation.  The girl I've been in contact with, Carrie, told me she's putting a good word in for us often.  I told her if she needed a bribe that I make a mean blueberry pie!  We are still set to receiving newborn to age 5-6, and she gave us some really encouraging words.  I think she kinda likes us, so I hope that is a plus for us.  They also like seeing a motivated couple, and let me tell you we are MOTIVATED AND EXCITED!!

In non-adpotion news, Daniel and I have been really busy with work.  Daniel has taken some side jobs for friends and we have both started teaching sign language classes.  Our nights get busy, which is hard on us, but we are trying to work as much as we can to save and pay off bills so when little one comes, we are ready to spend the time with him/her.  It always seems time goes by so fast, I can't believe it's already March!    

Also, I'm sure most of you have seen some of our pictures posted around Facebook.  We have some other pictures that haven't been published yet, but most of you will be getting a picture at some point in our process, I am sure.  We had our "photo shoot" on February 26th with Jamie Deaton from W. June Photography.  She was so creative for our "expecting" picture and it was a much needed time to update our photos.  We were thrilled to get the pictures back and were floored at how nice they turned out!!  Thank you Jamie for your expertise and excitement for us while taking our pictures.  The location and the day were perfect!!  It only took us 3 tries! Just a point of clarification, the shoes are actually grey, but up against Daniel's blue shirt they look blue.  We tried to get a "gender neutral" shoe, but just so you know, there is no hidden meaning. ;-)

I just want to thank everyone for all you kind words, prayers, and questions about our process.  It's hard to answer "still in the paperwork process" to everyone, but what I have learned already is that this process is a lot of waiting and we aren't even homestudy approved.  So we are in the anticipation of waiting while we finish all the requirements we need to.  Please don't hesitate to ask, we both love talking about it!!  We are so eager to be parents and I feel God is growing our hearts already for our children.